Conveying the abundance, thrills,
and excitement of America to our customers

STORE traces its roots to that idea. Now, thirty years have gone by.

There is the material wealth and abundance that you find in America,
but also the rich way of life that exceeds and surpasses that.

The items and objects people there use and the atmosphere and ambiance I found were fascinating and
exciting. It transformed my life for the better.

The enthusiasm I had in those days remains as strong as it ever was -- if anything, it has only grown.

American culture values having fun

The essence of American richness is in its diversity, which could be said to be the respect of individuality. In Japan, things that do not fit the norm tend to be shunned, but American culture emphasizes freedom, and embraces new things even if they defy convention. This enthusiasm for all things new and tenacity towards the unknown allows people to develop their talent in diverse ways, and leads to a plurality of viewpoints. The logical conclusion of this is constantly developing new ideas and being on the front lines leads to a richer, more fulfilling way of life.

Conveying that lifestyle leads to a richer way of life

Exploring the way of life and attitude of American pioneers The people and products we take an interest in all share one thing in common: a joie de vivre, or zest for living. Today, we talk about the “lifestyle” business, but this word may be stale ten years from now. Itʼs not about “style,” but about “life” itself.
Our goal is that the concepts Daytona proposes for the design of life become aspects of everyday society, and that we encourage people around the world to take an interest in the pleasure of life itself. Thatʼs the kind of world we want to create. We believe we can truly make the world a better place by giving new value and shape to the way people live.


What is our vision and mission for the next thirty years? Ken Kajima, head of the company, shares his ideas for the future of Daytona International.