Fashion is Daytona Internationalʼs key business. However, it doesnʼt just stop at fashion. We connect with our customersʼ lifestyles, offering new values from various angles and perspectives.

Founded in 1986 with the goal of bringing the excitement and thrill of the open-ended American culture to Japan, we carefully curate a selection of cool clothing, accessories, and interior decor items. Dubbing people who are deeply into having fun “freaks,” our boutique uses this callsign to offer interesting ways of pursuing the American lifestyle.

A space packed with the pure exhilaration of fashion, providing a style of womenʼs shop previously unseen in Japan.A unique selection hand-picked from around the world. Still unknown brands.
A niche, unique taste and the essence of culture.
Coordination with a touch of the unexpected. A special style just for you,arranged by staff who genuinely love clothes.There will always be something for you here.

Our brand icon is Frida Kahlo, the Mexican painter. Her strong sensibilities and thirst for fashion, along with the bold and brilliant sun of Mexico, form key concepts in our aesthetic. “I am passionate about fashion at all times. My style is not dictated by trends, but by me.” That positive and authentic attitude, like Frida’s own, is what we yearn for: may more women everywhere find pure pleasure in picking out clothes each day.


We are a wholesale business that distributes the genuine article, steeped in history, across Japan. Together with our partner companies, we the deliver the ruggedness, design, and worldview unique to the United States.

Since its debut in 1991, Mechanix Wear has continued to be a frontrunner in the field of hand protection, For over twenty-five years, they have independently researched and developed a range of products, resulting in a unique and diverse lineup that goes beyond the racing scene, with these gloves being a trusted product for use in the manufacturing, architecture, and transportation industries,as well as by members of the military and police force.

Cycle Zombies was founded by the Stopnik Family and close friends in Orange County, California. They present a range of unique T-shirts and other clothing that blend right in with the everyday surfing, skating, and motorcycling scenes.

Designed by ardent motorcyclist Kermit in 1984. This chair is designed to be highly portable and suited for loading on a motorcycle. The chairs continue to be produced by hand in Nashville, Tennessee. The narrow legs belie a great durability and compactness. Whatʼs more, the chair feels great to sit in -- you can feel the enthusiasm Kermit put into designing it.

ORCA (The Outdoor Recreation Company of America) Coolers, founded in Tennessee in 2012, presents a set of coolers that are the brainchild of Cliff Walker and Jim Ford. Being enthusiastic outdoorsmen who enjoy hunting and fishing, the duo struggled to find the quality they sought even in American high-end coolers at the time. Wanting something better, they founded ORCA Coolers. ORCA Coolersʼ goal is exceeding usersʼ expectations and designing reliable coolers that withstand even the toughest of conditions.


In 2017, we began a joint venture offering custom-built homes, the first such for a specialty store. We take care not just of building the house, but also directing the interior design and accessories, stocking and selling.

We launched a new boutique in 2017 that offers an industry-first in the form of homes made to order. Leveraging the strengths FREAKʼS STORE has to offer in spatial design, this project sees us partnering with residential home builders. We go beyond the architecture and also produce the interior decor and selection of items for residential spaces, procuring and selling these products.


A gallery and pop-up space set up alongside the flagship Freakʼs Store branch in Shibuya. Standing at the cutting edge of objects, people and culture, we will continue discovering, creating and spreading new values, producing community between people.

The FREAKʼS STORE flagship location in Shibuya also features an adjacent gallery and pop-up space. By discovering, creating, and disseminating new value around products, people, and culture not yet widely known in Japan, we have developed a community. This open studio is a testament to that concept.


A restaurant business to pursue the possibilities of the lifestyle proposals that we aspire to. In order that people can experience those values by spending time in this space, it offers not just delicious food but also a commitment to atmosphere, from the interior decoration to the furniture.

Our restaurant business launched as an exploration into proposing new lifestyle concepts. HANAO CAFE is a Hawaiian cafe inspired by the feel of cafeterias on Hawaiiʼs North Shore. Not only do we offer delicious cuisine, but we pay attention to every detail of the interior, furniture, and spatial design in order to ensure that visitors find real value in the experience.


In 2018, we opened an accommodation business to provide new community spaces. So far, we have opened two locations in Osaka. As well as the interior design and room amenities, EARTHMANS offers guests a variety of understated courtesies, including original souvenir merchandise, cafes and gallery spaces.

The concept, “THE MELTING POINTS,” revolves around melting into and fusing with the vibe of the city. The first shop, EARTHMANS HOTEL & KAFFEE, offers coffee from Californiaʼs Verve Coffee Roasters and presents it in a minimal, community-style cafe. The second shop, EARTHMANS -AMEMURA- offers not only a lounge for guests, but also gallery and coworking spaces, as well as the OPEN LOUNGE, which functions like a theater. The space subtly proposes a range of concepts to its clientele, from the interior design and decor, the amenities in guest rooms, and our unique souvenir merchandise, all around the concept of “blending into the city.”