The local Daytona name as our corporate identity

I still vividly remember the time I first visited Daytona Beach in Florida. The clear, blue sky, and the expansive beach spanning out into the horizon. Girls in bikinis rode tandem on bicycles with their boyfriends.It was like a scene out of a movie. I couldnʼt believe that the world Iʼd seen in films like Big Wednesday and American Graffiti was real. Daytona Beach is an energetic area that has been at the forefront of promoting culture and fun, suchas through Bike Week, where a whole week is devoted to motorcycle shows and races. During spring break,young people from across the US descend on the beach for the classic “boy meets girl” scenario, experiencing summer love and then going back to their respective hometowns. As if drawn together by magnets, these people enjoy a once-a-year occasion to the fullest, using that energy as motivation for their next adventure. The sheer energy and power I experienced at these people coming together to create something new overlapped with my own ideas of what a team should be. Daytona Beach was the catalyst that would suck me into my lifelong love of American culture. I wanted to convey that lifestyle back to Japan through the lens of clothing. Daytona Beach has always been a wellspring of inspiration and ideas. Thatʼs why I named the company after Daytona Beach,since itʼs where we trace our roots to.


What is our vision and mission for the next thirty years? Ken Kajima, head of the company, shares his ideas for the future of Daytona International.


FREAKʼS STORE got its start out of the idea of conveying the richness, thrills, and enthusiasm that American culture has to offer. In the blink of an eye, thirty years have gone by.